Tomas Haake kondoluje

"The metal community has lost one of the most talented and skillful drummers of our time! I remember when I first heard DECAPITATED"s "Organic Hallucinosis" and it just blew me away! What a band and WHAT A DRUMMER!!! Vitek was a true talent and drummer genius and his passing is just so very, very wrong! The future will be a sadder place without your drumming!!! Our thoughts go out to the band and to their families in this sad, sad moment.

"Rest in peace, Vitek."/ Tomas Haake

K Vitekovu úmrtí se nově vyjádřili také:

Adam "Nergal" Darski (BEHEMOTH):

"It"s still so abstract to me…I don"t know what to say, don"t know what to do. This morning"s news brought a lot of pain in our lives and some reflections at the same time. We"re not only missing a dear friend but also a great talent. It was so awesome to watch DECAPITATED growing bigger and bigger with every step they made. We just went off the stage in Denver, Colorado. Tonight we didn"t play for ourselves; we didn"t play for these people either. All we could do was to put up the best METAL show we could afford in honor of our friend. See you in the afterlife, Vitek!"

Anders Jakobsson (COLDWORKER, ex-NASUM):

"If you follow the metal news you have learned that Vitek, the 23-year-old drummer of Poland"s DECAPITATED passed away due to severe head injuries from a traffic accident involving their tour bus on the roads in Russia. As a fellow metal drummer I feel the need to express my deepest condolences to his fellow band members, family and fans all over the world. The Polish metal scene has lost another great drummer. Personally I am not a huge fan of DECAPITATED. I"ve listened to their current album and enjoyed it, but there was no doubt that Vitek was a talented drummer who had a promising future ahead of him. It"s always sad when people die and even more so when they are so young. And that it happened during a tour is quite scary. Week after week, people that I know — and every now and then myself — is out on the roads, driving long distances during uncomfortable hours, and anything can happen. A couple of years ago, my friends in the local punk band THE ACCIDENTS rolled of the ferry from Sweden to Germany in the early hours and crashed their tour-bus on the autobahn just a few minutes later (yes, their band monicker is ironic). THE ACCIDENTS were lucky. No injuries or fractures, just a few bruises, a totally smashed tour bus and a cancelled tour. Vitek and his fellow bandmate Covan (vocals) weren"t. Let"s all hope that Covan will recover and can comeback to the metal scene together with the rest of DECAPITATED in a new band or under the same name. Again: my deepest condolences."


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